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Safeguarding Canadian Homes from Radon

At Radon Ontario Services, we specialize in safeguarding Canadian homes from Radon, offering trusted and reliable services. Experience peace of mind knowing your home is protected from this harmful gas.

Our Mission

Mission Statement: At Radon Inspection & Mitigation Services, our mission is to protect Canadian homes and lives by eliminating the threat of radon gas. As an invisible and deadly hazard, Radon is responsible for over +3,200 annual deaths in Canada. We are committed to reducing this number through comprehensive inspections, precise testing, and effective mitigation systems. Our goal is not just to create radon-free environments, but also to promote awareness, safety, and peace of mind. We believe in guarding lives, one home at a time.

Our Solution

  1. Radon Inspections: We provide comprehensive, radon inspections, adhering to Health Canada’s regulations.
  2. Radon Testing: Our precise short and long-term radon measurements accurately determine radon levels in your home.
  3. Lab Reports: Post testing, we deliver a detailed radon report, ensuring transparency about your home’s radon safety level.
  4. Mitigation Systems: If radon levels exceed safety limits, our C-NRPP certified professionals promptly install efficient radon mitigation systems.
  5. Flexible Service: Available 7 days a week, we are ready to assist you whenever you need our services, accommodating your unique schedules.

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Breath Easy, Live Free, We're Your Shield Against Radon. Guarding Lives, One Home at a Time

Ready for a Radon Free home?

From radon testing to the installation of mitigation systems, our dedicated team is ready to assist you on any day, at any time. This flexibility allows us to accommodate your unique schedules and ensures that our reliable, prompt services are always accessible when you need them.